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Sprotty is a next-generation, open-source diagramming framework built with web-technologies.

Some selected features:

  • Fast, scalable SVG rendering that is compatible with all modern browsers and stylable with CSS
  • Animations built into the core
  • Support for a distributed runtime with client and server
  • Fast, reactive client architecture implemented in TypeScript
  • Java or Node.js based server architecture
  • Configuration via dependency injection
  • Integrations with Xtext, Langium, the Language Server Protocol, VS Code and Theia
  • Can be run as a rich-client as well as in the browser

Where to start?

If you are new with Sprotty, we recommend taking a look at our Getting Started section before diving further.

Want to contribute?

Visit the Sprotty repository and have a look at the contribution guidelines to take part in Sprotty’s development.